How To Write a Newspaper Article

How To Write A Newspaper Article? the answer to the question is very simple and easy. The only thing is to keep in mind is a few steps and the format of the newspaper articles. In the field of journalism or student who is in school, newspaper article writing is important for all. For knowing about how to write a newspaper report, you need to know about the steps of the newspaper articles.

Steps Of Newspaper Article

The Steps of the newspaper article are very important to follow. These steps help us to write a news article. After following the steps we put our content according to the format of the news article.

1. Decide your topic

You have to decide or choose your topic in which you are going to write a news article. You can choose the topic related to personal interest, or your favorite sports. Because of these topics, you can easily write an article. And you can enjoy or make fun while writing a news article. So I recommend you to choose the topics according to your interest. If you choose the topic which you don't have any interest then you don't able to write an article. I hope that this step is clear.

2. Research your news article

Even if you choose the topic according to your interest, you have to research and collect information from different sources, such as books, old articles, social media, and many more. All these sources help you to understand the full article. And you can easily write a news article.
You can also take an interview with the people for collecting more information about your article. By taking the interview you can able to know about the mindset of the people. You have to find the people with a background in the topic, opinion and carefully write down the points which they say in the interview.

3. Quotes As Intro/lead

You can also research some quotes which are related to your news article and also suitable for the article. The article quotes must be attractive and informative because you are going to use this article in the lead or intro paragraph in the news article.

Newspaper Report Writing Format

For writing a perfect newspaper article, we need to follow the format of the news articles. The format of writing the news article is simple and easy. There are 6 things in the news article to follow.
  1. Title/Heading
  2. Writer's name
  3. Lead/Intro
  4. Body or story
  5. Source
  6. Conclusion
We are going to describe all the above points in detail, by this you can easily write a newspaper article. These points are very important for writing a news article.

Get the knowledge of how to write an article.

1. Title/Heading

The heading of the newspaper article should be catchy and informative. The heading of the article also be up to the point. The reader or audience should be attracted by the heading. and they can understand the title easily. You even notice that the reader read the title and then read the body part, so we have to create an amazing heading for attracting the audience. The audience decides that they want to read the article or left the article by the title.

2. Writer's Name

You have to write the writer's name below the title and above the body in the news article. The audience wants to know who writes the article, so you have to write your name below the title of the news article.

3. Lead/Intro

Lead/Intro is important as the title of the article. Lead is the first sentence or line of the article. It contains the most important points of the story in the article. The lead contains who, when, where, what, how, why of the story. The audience decides whether they want to read the entire article or left the article by this lead point. The lead contains the climax of the whole article, that's why it contains the most important points and facts of the article. The lead contains at least 80% of the important points or information in the article.
You can use suitable, attractive, and informative quotes in the lead or intro. So that your lead part became attractive and catchy.

4. Body or story

The body contains that part which was doesn't use in the intro or lead. If the reader wants to read the story in detail then they read the body part. You can use the facts and figures related to your story. Write the information clearly, direct, and short. Make sure that you do not use your own opinion.
In the newspaper article, you can use an inverted pyramid format that is, putting the most important information at the beginning of the paragraphs. And then use other general information related to the article. By this technique of inverted pyramid, we ensure that the reader reads the important information first.

5. Source

The source of the article is included in the body or story part of the article. You have to write the source from where you get this article information. This is different from academic papers, where you add sources at the end.

6. Conclusion

Conclude your newspaper article in a few sentences, You can choose the quotes related and suitable for the conclusion, by this, you can end with a strong sense of the story.

Get the knowledge of how to write an article.

How To Write A Newspaper Report For School

Want to write a newspaper report for school, Then follow the below examples of report writing or news writing. This newspaper article example helps you in writing articles.

Newspaper Article examples

  1. Your school organizing a number of inter-school competition and awarded the prizes in a gala function. As the secretary of the cultural club of your school, Write a news report in 150-200 words, suitable to be published in your school magazine. you are Sunil/Sunita.
                                                                                           -By Sunita
Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Sr. Secondary School, Allahabad, celebrated its golden jubilee on 20th March 2020. The prestigious institution has completed fifty years of its glorious contribution to the field of education. A number of inter-school competitions were the major attractions of the week-long celebrations. On-the-spot essay and painting competition drew maximum entries.

The Education Minister was the chief guest on a concluding day. Inter-school dance competitions and group songs enthralled the audience. St. John's School won the trophy for the best school. Its students bagged seven first positions.

In his speech, the chief guest highlighted Mahatma Gandhi School's contribution to the field of education. At the end of the gala function, he gave away the prizes to the winners.

How To Write a Newspaper Article

2. You are Mayank/Mansi, a staff reporter of 'The Times of India' You have been asked to cover the incident of a daylight robbery when the inmates were present in a house on the outskirts of Delhi. Write a report in about 150-200 words.
                                                                                           By- Mansi
The times of India news service. Daylight robberies have become a part of the cultural life of the city. Yesterday, a daring daylight robbery was committed in Anand Lok, on the outskirts of the city. It was 11:30 am. They asked for the keys of the cupboards and boxes. They had revolvers and daggers in their hands.

Women and children became dumb with fear. Their hands were tied and mouths were gagged. The robbers finished their jobs within minutes. They decamped with all the jewelry and about fifty thousand rupees in cash. Before running away, they locked the inmates in a room. The neighbors rushed to help only when they heard their cries.

As usual, the police appeared on the site after more than two hours. They surveyed the site and lifted some fingerprints. Such incidents have become quite common in the area. No one believes that the lost valuables and money would be recovered. The people seem to have lost faith in the local police.

Get the knowledge of how to write an article.

How To Write a Newspaper Article

3. You are the student-editor of your school magazine. Using the information given below in the input, write a report for your magazine on the visit of the chief minister, Delhi, to your school in about 150-200 words.
The annual day celebration of your school drew special attention to everyone this year because of the visit of the Hon'ble Chief Minister of Delhi. The school has distinguished itself as one of the leading institutes in academics as well as sports. Preparations started a week before. The whole campus was given a new look.

The Principal and the staff received the chief guest at the gate on her arrival. She was garlanded and introduced to the members of the staff by the Principal. A guard of honor was given to the chief guest by the N.C.C. cadets of the school. He was escorted to the hall by the Principal. He received a standing ovation by all the students gathered there.

He gave a short but inspiring speech urging the students to work hard and rise high in life. The Principal thanked our guest Chief Minister for his visit. The function ended with the singing of the national anthem.

Topics For Newspaper Article For School

The below topics may come into your school exams and help you in the study. We research from different books, last years questions paper, and then we find these topics.
  1. A daylight robbery.
  2. A major clash between two political parties.
  3. Flood in Bihar: the worst disaster.
  4. Competitions and the prizes awarded.
  5. Annual day celebration.
  6. The republic day parade.
  7. One day a cricket match between two schools.
  8. Training in First Aid.
  9. The world book fair.
  10. Disaster management.
  11. Quiz contest.
  12. Farewell to your English teacher.
  13. Cleanness week.
  14. Annual report of a club.
  15. Drug Addiction.
  16. How to control pollution.
  17. World environment day.
  18. The increasing crime rate in India.
  19. My first experience of a flood.
  20. India of the 21st century.

I hope that you have satisfied with the topic that is how to write an article or report. We cover all the topics related to the newspaper reports. And Tanks for reading.

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