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The article writing format is very important for the student who is going to appear exams and especially the CBSE board exam for 10th and 12th. The article writing format is very simple you only need to understand or remember some points. You can also get knowledge about how to write an article. We are going to cover the steps of article writing format, article writing topicsexamples, tips, how to write an article format, and pdf of article writing format. In this article, you get complete knowledge on how to write an article format and article writing format.

Article Writing Format CBSE Class 9 to 12

While appearing for board exam the important thing you need to keep in mind is the format of the article. Without follow article format, you can easily lose your marks. In this article only we cover the article writing topics. This is the article writing format CBSE for class 9 to 12. Article Writhing format contains 4 points.
  1. Title or heading of the article
  2. Writer name
  3. Introduction
  4. Body of article (contains 2 to 4 paragraphs)
  5. Conclusion

Marking Scheme

Before we discuss all the above points deeply. First You have to know about the marking scheme. Know about how the CBSE board distributes 10 marks of article writing.
  1. Title and writer name (1 Marks)
  2. Content (4 Marks)
  3. Grammar (2.5 Marks)
  4. Working style (2.5 Marks)
Working Style Include Facts and figures, quotes, survey numbers, report, statement. Which is going to written in the article.

1. Title or heading of the article

In the first step of the article writing format, you only have to give title or heading. The title is always given in the question but if somehow the title was not given then read the question heading carefully. And you find or you will create your heading. For example: If the have to write an article about cricket then your title should be cricket as a big carrier. Make sure that your title contains 3-4 words. Your title name and writer name contain 1 mark. So don't forget to write these two.

2. Writer name

After writing the title you have to write the name of the writer. If the question contains the writer's name so you don't have to write your name. You only have to write the name which is given in the question. The title and writer's name contains 1 mark, so you don't have to lose this mark.

3. Introduction

Introduction: The introduction part contains the meaning of the topic. You have to write what is the topic is about. For example, suppose your topic is Swacch Bharat Abhiyan than you can start with Swacch Bharat Abhiyan is a campaign which was started by our honorable prime minister Shri Narendra Modi on 2nd October 2014. The aim of this campaign is to clean India.
You can also use "quotes" related to the topic. For example "one step towards cleanliness. Quotes always impressive and attractive, which enhances the quality of the article.

4. Body of the article

In the body part, you have to write cause and effect, advantages and disadvantages of the article. You can also write related information about the article. For gaining marks you can also improve your work style by adding surveys, quotes, statements, reports, facts, and figures. By adding this all your article look attractive. And your article's quality of the article will increase. You have to remember that your content contains 4 marks and your body part contains 2-4 paragraphs, so make sure that your body part impresses the teacher.

5. Conclusion

You have to conclude your article in a single paragraph by giving suggestions and solutions to your article. You can also give a recommendation in the article. The conclusion is a very important part of the article. So create your article conclusion attractive. these are the 5 steps of article writing format.

Common Mistakes In Article Writing Format

While writing an article there is some common mistake that everyone forgets. Some common mistakes or error are:
  1. The title of the article should be understandable and clear.
  2. The language of the article should be understandable.
  3. The article avoids long paragraphs.
  4. Irregular working style.
  5. Using only 3 paragraphs (introduction, body, conclusion) it's wrong.
  6. Not writing the writer's name.

Tips for article writing format

  1. The language of the article should be easy and understandable.
  2. You may have some new ideas or views about the subject or the issues raised in the article.
  3. The first few sentences should introduce the topic/ main idea/ main issue of the article. The last few sentences should state your conclusion on the topics or issues.
  4. Don't exceed the given length. Your article may not be too short or too long of the given length- 150-200.
  5. In a long composition, it is always better to divide or arrange your article into suitable paragraphs.
  6. Always use a simple and grammatically correct language. Your experience and phrases should fit into the scheme of your writing.
  7. Use facts and figures, quotes, statements, surveys, etc.
  8. Use some stories in the article.
  9. Your article should be logical.
  10. You have to avoid repetition.

Do’s And Don’ts In Article Writing Format

  1. The title of the article should be attractive and unique.
  2. The article writing format should be perfect.
  3. Write the writer's name in the article.
  4. Using proper English, and understandable English.
  5. The paragraphs of the article should be short.
  6. Using quotes, surveys, reports, statements, etc.
  7. Article writing format should be followed.
  8. Your article should be logical and informative.
  9. The conclusion of the article filled with suggestions and solutions.
  1. Overwriting in the article writing format.
  2. Repetition of the sentence.
  3. Using self maid words.
  4. Unneeded quotes and statistics in the articles.
  5. lengthy title and paragraphs in the articles.
  6. Very short paragraphs in the articles.

Article Writing Format Pdf

Click below to open the article writing format pdf.

Article Writing Topics

Article writing topics for class 9, 10, 11, 12. For the student who is going to appear CBSE board exam, this article writing topics is very important. below all the topics are very important for the student who is going to appear CBSE board exam. All article writing topics will CBSE already have given in the previous year paper. SO you have to practice this topic because the Article writing format contains 10 marks.
  1. Empowering women.
  2. Swachh India campaign.
  3. Youth Employment.
  4. Education of girls in developing countries.
  5. The increasing rate of crime in today's society.
  6. The necessity of sanitation.
  7. India has a rich tradition of classical and folk dance.
  8. Games are necessary for holistic growth.
  9. Drug addiction
  10. Impact of TV on children.
  11. Gender discrimination in the workplace.
  12. Celebrated international worker day.
  13. Corruption must be curbed.
  14. Importance of teachers in life.
  15. Fast food-a menace.
These are the article writing topics that may come in the CBSE board exams.

Article Writing Examples

In the below, you get article writing format examples and article writing samples. Which is going to help you in the CBSE board exams.

Empowering The Women
                                                                    -By XYZ
Women are the foundation of future generations. They are the ones on whom the progress of a nation depends. But the women are not given their rightful place in society. Many of them still suffer under family violence and face an inferior status in society.

They are denied the basics rights- The right to education and freedom of speech. The growth and development of the nation depend upon the status of quality given to the citizen. Women are not treated as being equal to men.

Many efforts are being made to empower Indian women. Still much is left to be achieved. We must realize that women too have the right to education, right to gender equality, and freedom of speech. Education will make women self-reliant and will boost their confidence. They will become financially independent, Thus leading them to the path of development.

It is the need of the hour when we stop exploiting women and give them their rights. People must show a supportive attitude towards women so that they get equal opportunities to move ahead towards a better society. 'Beti Bachao Beti Padhao' is one scheme started by the government to educate the girl child. People must change their attitude towards women and give them their due place in society.

The above article writing Example will help you in CBSE board exams. So this the actual format of writing articles in exams. I hope you can understand and perform well in exams. In the below, you got several articles writing examples.

Article Writing Samples

Article writing samples help you in writing an article in examples. You can practice questions before exams. And there is a high possibility of these questions coming in the exam so practice these questions.

1. Write an article in about 150-200 words on the "Swacch India Campaign" as launched by the Prime Minister of India. You are Reyansh/Ishani.

Swacch India Campaign
                                                           -By Ishani
Cleanliness is next to Godliness. To make this a reality, the Swachh India campaign has been launched by the Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi. It has been started to make India clean and aims at making India a clean India by 2nd October 2019, Which will be the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi.

Each and every citizen has been given the responsibility of cleaning India through this campaign. It is a big challenge that ensures cleanliness throughout India. It covers rural as well as urban areas of our country which involves building new toilets, disposal, and reuse of solid and liquid waste and demands changes in the lifestyle of people especially those consuming paan masala and other tobacco products in public places and government offices.

This campaign will help in the economic growth of our nation as a clean India will attract more tourists. There will be fewer health-related problems leading India a clean and healthy country.

2. Write an article for your school magazine justifying the need for education of the girls in the country for national development (150-200).

Need for Education of girl
                                                                  -By XYZ

Education is the fundamental right of all children-be it a boy or a girl. But many people hold a different opinion. The belief that a girl child has no benefit from education. They forget that education develops self-confidence in a person. There are only a few peoples who feel that girls should be educated.

A girl is not less than a boy in intelligence and perseverance. She can also contribute towards raising the standard of living of her family. If we empower women of our country, we empower our society and nation as well.

Without women empowerment, the growth and development of society will be slow. So the education of a girl is more important to develop the nation. They should not be treated as domestic workers.

So we have to give equal rights to the girl and boy which is the youth of the nation and both of the help the country to give direction. This is my request to a tread a girl like a boy.

3. These day's young boys and girls are getting attracted to call centers jobs offered by multinational companies. These jobs offer attractive pay packages but at the same time pose a lot of health problems too. On the occasion of World Health Day, Write an article for your school magazine in 150-200 words on the topic. "Youth Employment-A Health Hazard"

Youth Employment-A Health Hazard
                                                                        -By XYZ

A recent survey on the health issues of people working in call centers turned out to be quite shocking. It was noted that young boys and girls are quite interested and are getting attracted towards call center jobs offered by multi-national companies. These companies lure the youngest with attractive pay packages but pose a lot of health problems also.

The workers have to be busy for the most part of the time which they are spending at the call centers. They suffer from eye-sores, headaches, and sometimes blurred vision also. Mental stress is all the time marketing its presence in the lives of these employed youth which reduces their ability to work up to the mark. Many of them can't cope up with and start facing health problems.

They work for additional hours to reach their set financial goals resulting in decreasing work efficiency and increased mental stress. They suffer from bad sleep-pattern also which further complicated their health issues. These employees have bad food habits and get addicted to fast food as well as smoking to get rid of their stress. Tea and coffee are taken in excess which is again hazardous.

Thorough research has been done and it is advised that the employees of call centers should go for yoga and meditation to destress themselves. The must-read books and go for periodic health checkups.

I hope that the above article may help you in the CBSE board exams. There is a chance of coming Article Writing Topics in exams. So you have to practice the above topics and score the full marks in exams. Our team bless you and perform best in the exams.

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